Friday, June 25, 2010

You had a birthday, shout hooray

Last week, my littlest, most Swedish-ish brother had his 11th birthday. Which makes me old, I know. Old enough to be his mom... almost. Which fact creeped me out to no end at the tender age of 15. But honestly, I can't imagine life without this guy. (Probably because we're a lot alike, and as we all know, I'm pretty much awesome. Hehee.) He completes the family and keeps my parental on their toes, which is very entertaining. Plus, my mom's Swedish genes finally got a change to manifest themselves. (He looks just like The Colonel did as a child.)

Love you, Slim Shady. I'm proud to be your big sister.

 2 Italians and 1 Swede


Stacey said...

Good looking family. Love the picture! DNA is so cool.

Kimba said...

ah, i have an 11 year old sister as well. totally right, has kept my parents young and hip. :) sort of.

Cliff, Kendal and Stone said...

hahaha, so I had to click on your blog because you are so funny when you said it "creeped you out at the tender age of 15." you are too funny. Cute kid. Fun to catch up on your blog. I'm not good at keeping up on the blogs that have teasers in google reader. I always forget to go back and click on the actual blog when I'm done catching up in google reader.