Monday, May 3, 2010

from the doldrums...

last week was not my finest.

i won't lie... it was mentally and emotionally draining. as it neared its end, i was literally at a breaking point. (and i also became keenly aware that my fiery italian temper is not as dormant as i would like it to be.)

this was the product of multiple issues, which, had they all been isolated, would not have been enough to elicit such an adverse reaction. (but... when it rains it pours... i guess.) even looking back, i see some of my reactions as overreactions, and am embarrassed that i couldn't pull myself together a little better.

everyone has a breaking point. and i definitely cracked.

considering all of this, i couldn't help but be fascinated. fascinated by my body and mind's very visceral reaction to it all. how, at certain moments, it was all i could do to stave off the thoroughly primal inclination to explode. (and by explode, i mean, throw my laptop out of the window in a dramatic fashion. or maybe throw it at someone? who knew i had such violent tendencies? shrug.) i also didn't appreciate my new(ish) propensity to start crying when i get frustrated. (thank you hormones, i really appreciate it.) i think it completely thrashes my credibility. but those are the breaks.

thankfully, the end of the week came-- i survived, of course. and what i became inherently more grateful for, more so than usual, is a husband who patiently endured my doldrums and graciously escorted me to one of my former college roommate's wedding reception.

and it was there that i was able to inhale the floralicious goodness of a peony, english rose and ranunculus bouquet, all whilst remembering that the most important and joyous aspect of my life is the amazing people that are in it.   

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Shannon said...

the people you love really do make all the difference, don't they.

Jane said...

We all have rough weeks... so sorry your week was not so hot. Always just buzz me or shoot me an e-mail, we'll take a little break from work, walk to the Sev and just chill. Here's to a better week! Cheers!