Thursday, April 15, 2010

I'm beginning to feel Spring

Last night whilst husband was delivering his oral arguments about a hypothetical wrongful termination case, I found myself alone in our apartment. The window was open, and I could hear the muted chirping of birds. It was one of those golden moments where I was able to sit and listen. Listen to the world outside my window. I was able to feel the subtle change in the air, to inhale the scent of fresh, budding foliage and new plant life.

It's hard not to marvel at the beauty of this Earth when you see everything born anew.

So welcome, dear Spring. It's about time you showed up.


Trev and Kate said...

So I realized that I always read your blog but never comment! You are such a good writer and put your thoughts together so well. And I love seeing the pictures of what you guys are doing. You are inspiring me to start my own blog...we'll see how long it takes me to actually do it. Love you guys!!

Britten & Chelsea Maughan said...

I was awakened by chirping birds yesterday morning...and I loved it!

Kenna said...

you are sweet to write spring a post.

i sent spring a hate letter with anthrax in it.

:) love the new iphone app.

thebugspot said...

AMEN to this post. i'm sitting starring out my window, listening to the birds, at this very minute. a little slice of heaven.