Friday, March 26, 2010

an experiment, in writing.

[author's note: since lately i have been yearning to express a bit more creativity, i may, from time to time, try a bit of creative writing. and yeah, i will most likely not be using initial caps. i forgot how liberating it is to write in all lowercase. and i may just play with punctuation, syntax and grammar. you have been warned.]

she stared at the screen. so intently that her eyes lost focus.
this is really the end. she thought.

her head ached with the growing pressure of conviction.

the words were simple, yet emphatic.
written in the colloquial form of their typical interaction.

the evening had already been laden with the heaviness of emotional instability and uncertainty. it needs to end. her consciousness pled. NOW.

and then...
she pressed the button. and it was over.


kelly said...

i like this. it reminds me of "lost". pushing the button... "4.. 18.. 15.. 16.. 23.. 42.."

Cliff, Kendal and Stone said...

i like!

Shannon said...


I really like the tension and the intensity in this writing.

Would love to see more.

Nicely done.

Amber said...

Awesome Lauren! Mrs. Drake would post that on the board!!! :) You really are a good writer.

Kenna said...

when i think of, 'she pressed the button' the image of someone in an elevator pressing the big red button that says, 'do not press unless emergency' came to mind.

i am so that lady.