Friday, February 26, 2010

And round two goes to the cold...

Remember how I said I was only going to take NyQuil for two nights?

I stubbornly held to this declaration after feeling exponentially better on Wednesday. The night came, and I defiantly laughed at the bottle of Cherry NyQuil perched on my sink.

Bad idea.

Wednesday night was fraught with my "normal" off-the-wall dreams (driving a semi-truck by Lake Victoria in order to evade bombing terrorists... really?) and multiple mid-slumber awakenings. With the lovely addition of all things congested.

Thursday was subsequently filled with droopy eyelids, no appetite and an overall languor that I'm sure was readily visible, in spite of my best efforts to conceal it.

So let's just say I took some NyQuil last night. [And it was slumberlicious, thank you very much.]


Ashley said...

That sounds almost as bad as being 37 weeks pregnant. Try unisom.

My husband and son left for two days, which means no random waking up for leg aches, no trouble falling BACK asleep because someone is snoring and no 5am overly energetic wake-ups. It was the first time I have slept all the way through the night in who knows how long. So maybe unisom ISN'T the answer...hmmmm. Well, try it anyway since you don't seem to have the other aforementioned circumstances!

Shannon said...

You could probably write a movie script from that dream...
Hope you're feeling better this weekend.