Monday, December 28, 2009

A whirlwind holiday synopsis in text and pictures

The loveliness that was our December began with a Christmas tree. This year, our apartment was not conducive to our 7.5 footer, so we procured this little replacement:

which worked pretty well we think.

We attended a lovely little party (with our own little private ice skating rink) hosted by the lovely Millward...

and the hot chocolate, cinnamon rolls and company were all fantastic.

We constructed gingerbread houses

with actual gingerbread this year, a fun change from our typical graham cracker concoctions.

A work party at SkyBox and other family parties transpired, and are unfortunately devoid of any photographic documentation. (I haven't been on my pictorial A-game for awhile, I fear.)

Then, dinner at Rio Grande and our annual viewing of Ballet West's The Nutcracker. It was my 22nd year attending, and I love it more and more every time I go.

Christmas morning brought wonderful surprises from Santa and beyond...

we kinda sorta really got spoiled by each other and our loved ones this year.

And yes, we are Yankees fans. Thanks for asking.

And probably we have the cutest niece in the entire universe.

Though it's belated, we hope you all had a wonderful and happy Christmas.


Kenna said...

Your tree totally beats mine this year.

Hands down.

Shannon said...

Your hair is so gorgeous, as are you. I can't remember the last time I've seen the Nutcracker...I love it, too, though. Glad you had a December to remember :).

Julie said...

Biz and Dan look thrilled in that picture. Love it, your family is great! PS I love your hair, wish I could pull that look off!

Ashley said...

I am obsessed with your cute little tree.

Chelsey said...

Awesome decorations for your tree. You are a great decorator, just like your mother. The gingerbread houses look like it was a lot of fun. Every year I think that would be fun, but I don't remember ever making one.