Monday, November 30, 2009


was full of relaxation, family and food (including the best pecan pie I have ever made, seriously). Unfortunately, the day was also pathetically sans pictures... but what can ya do?

It was also quite lovely to have two whole days off of work, and lovely to spend time with all the people who I love most. It's been so long since I have a legitimate vacation, I readily admit it was a bit difficult to return to work today.

And since I have been notably silent on the subject, all things considered, I will say that I saw it. And I liked it. (Not that it was difficult to like more than the first movie.) Don't judge.


Paulina said...

Even though I haven't seen you in ages I enjoy reading your blog updates. I miss working with you!

lauren said...

thanks my friend. i miss working with you too. hope all is well. :)