Monday, November 9, 2009

A slightly disgruntled open letter

To the woman who almost crashed into my precious Lola this morning,

It is customary that when the signal turns red, you stop before entering an intersection. This is especially true when the light turns green for the cars traveling in the other direction. Because when this happens, there is absolutely no ambiguity as to whether or not your actions were impacted by the famous, "the light has turned yellow so I'm going to speed through the intersection while I still have the chance" notion. Consequently, if you not only run a thoroughly red light, but do so whilst making a left-had turn and almost hitting the car that was beginning to go as the signal in her direction changed to green, you are a complete and utter idiot. (And maybs you shouldn't be loaded when you drive. I'm just saying...)

That being said, thank you for not hitting me. (Though perhaps I should be thanking my brakes more than I should be thanking you.) My hope is that you got pulled over before you could do some real damage.

L Squared

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