Tuesday, October 20, 2009


The advent of my 25th year brought with it a heavy dose of introspection. Which was probably aided by the fact that three days after the aforementioned event, I found myself unwillingly jobless for the first time in ten years.

Since then, I feel like my life has become thoroughly busy. I feel myself becoming mediocre at some things (like this blog for instance) and excelling at other things. Which I think is a natural aspect of life; however, most days I wish I could do it all.

I've been driving a lot more lately. To the UC. Which I hate doing. But it's given me even more time to contemplate and reflect. (When I'm not suppressing naughty words under my breath at incompetent drivers, that is.)

Lately I have been focusing on the importance of moments. The moments where I drive over the crest of a hill and see a beautiful valley below me. Where I look up and see puffy white clouds lazily hanging in the sky. Where I feel the last warming rays of the sun fighting through the brisk autumnal air. Where I glance over at the one I love most and he gives me my favorite smile. I've been taking mental pictures of these moments, appreciating them because I feel like the beauty of life is composed of these moments. And it is so easy to let the cacophony of stress and frustration encroach upon life's simple, yet powerful, moments... at least in my case.

I hope that we all can stop, take a breath, and enjoy the moment.


Kenna said...

Wise words, my friend.


I need to incorporate your thinking into my thinking.

Shannon said...

I love those moments. I also love that we can have a lot of them every day, if we let ourselves. There's the catch, right there: letting ourselves. Oh what strict gate keepers to beauty and wonder I can be...
but I did notice that some of the trees were turning color here. It was while I was driving the other day, and I felt so grateful for those vivid red leaves. It was a tender mercy for a girl who was missing the Autumn spectacle at home.

Stacey said...

Sometimes the more chaotic life gets, the easier it is to appreciate the little things in life. Which is always a good thing.