Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The execution of all things

The last few months have been an utter whirlwind. I feel like I've traveled through various life phases simultaneously. I've learned more about my nature (as well as the nature of my infinitely patient and understanding husband) than I thought possible. And I'm feeling quite exuberant about it. (Well, my spirit is feeling exuberant... my body's just feeling a whole lot of exhaustion.)

25 has been such a transformative year thus far. In many ways it's been exhilarating, and in others, it has been terrifying. But it's all been good for me, and I am thankful for it.

I have so many ideas and interests and other miscellaneous fragments floating around in my brain, and the one thing that has been frustrating for me is not really having the time to fully process and expound them on this blog. It was my outlet for my hapless excuse for a job for so long, that now that I have a genuine and thoroughly fulfilling career I feel I am leaving this beautiful little piece of my own personal internet behind. That the people who were once so devoted to reading this are gradually and significantly waning. And it is really frustrating... that I can't be great at everything I want to do. I guess that is a part of life, having to find a balance, having to put some things on the back burner and prioritizing others.

Yes, it is all a part of life.


Shannon said...

You are right; sometimes life gives us the time...and sometimes it doesn't. But I'm happy to be an avid reader when you do have the time :)

Abby said...

While I think that blogging has it's place, time, and purpose, I commend you for allowing your blog to go to the backburner. Why? Because I hear of way too many people who are addicted to their blogs and have no life because of it. So I say way to be responsible. And most importantly, way to have a life.

Ashley said...

It's true...things and people come and go. But I am still a devoted reader.