Monday, August 3, 2009

It's just because I don't care for TMI...

I think that sometimes on the blog I come across as a bit acerbic when I'm addressing things that annoy me. I'll admit that some of this is probably due to genetics, as I have an interesting amalgamation of fiery and stubborn Italian and sassy and stubborn Swede coursing through my veins. (Please note the double-stubborn.) In one of my more recent posts, I mentioned that it thoroughly annoys me when people ask if I am pregnant or when I plan to get pregnant. While this statement is completely true, it does not mean that I am annoyed at people who have asked me this question in the past (or at least, not everyone who has asked). It just means that I think it's no one's business.

Which brings me to the point of this little post I am writing whilst taking lunch at my desk... I like to stray away from TMI whenever possible. I am sure I am probably guilty of sharing a bit too much sometimes, but then again, I could throw out the argument that it's my blog and you don't have to read it if it makes you uncomfortable or whatever. But I guess what perplexes me is the desire to over-share in the first place.

I know that everyone has a differing threshold for this type of thing, and that this fact has created a gynormous (yes, I use a "y" instead of an "i" because I like it better) gray area. I think it's fine if you have a blog and write whatever you want. I just maybe don't want to read about the IUD you just had put in on your facebook status. (Thank HEAVENS for the "hide" feature.) But maybe that's just me.

Some peeps are more open and apt to share the details of their lives in an electronic forum, and it's their right to do so, but I think that they should keep in mind that not everyone is like that. Not everyone (even those who blog, tweet, facebook or whatever) wants peeps to know if they're trying to have a kid, or if they have a great sex life or if they're suffering.

I'm not saying that people who ask me the aforementioned question are all like this, I'm just saying that this whole new generation of "over-sharing" has the propensity to get on my nerves. I like having this blog as an outlet to share snippets of my life with friends and strangers alike, but I also don't want to put my entire life on here. There are some things that I want to keep to myself, some things that I think are appropriate to keep to myself.

So I hope that in my previous comment and in this post, that I have not offended nor alienated anyone. That is not my intention. I really do appreciate you all and thought the most polite way to explain my annoyance would be to provide you with more details of the circumstances surrounding it. And, I promise that when the time comes when I have big news that I will not allude to it, I will tell it, as I always have done with importance events in the past.

A happy Monday to you all!


Abby said...

It's a curious thing, you know. What is TMI for some is not for others, and on. It always ticked me off when people at work asked me if I was pregnant yet, and it was mostly because they would ask me nearly daily, or at least every time they saw me, if I "had any news for them". As you know, however, I myself have been guilty of hinting at the possibility of a bun in the oven on more than one occasion, so I suppose I deserve every over-the-line question I ever got or will ever get, for that matter.

A very happy Monday to you, too, my dear. ;)

Shannon said...

I wholeheartedly agree with this...this sounds like a post of my own that I've been mulling around in my head for the last couple of days; you've inspired me to write.
Oh, and Ryan and I only allow dark chocolate in our home. Semi sweet can squeak in, too. But it's the only way to go.

Kimba said...

That's it, WHO IN THE WORLD FB'd their IUD info?!!? That is ridiculous!

Ashley said...

I think we all definitely share things that rub people the wrong way...I know I have. And we all ask unintentionally obnoxious questions, of which I have also been guilty.

But for the love, why do people NOT understand that it is NOT ok to ask if someone is pregnant? It's not. It's annoying to ask when they plan to be, or joke about trying or whatever, but it is not ok to ask a person if they are actually carrying a child. In the first place, it is rude as there are all sorts of unpleasant consequences of pregnancy that people really don't want brought to their attention-whether they are apparent or not. In the second place, being pregnant is exciting news! Give people the respect due and let them share this news with you on their own terms and when they are ready to do so for hell's sake. That's all.

And I am speaking to the general public, not to you Lauren, even though this comment is directed to you as the writer of this blog.