Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Utah County drivers drive me crazy

The project I happen to be working on at my new place of employment involves a copious amount of driving to certain areas of Utah County. Mostly just on the threshold... sometimes deep within. It's nice in some ways, in that I'm not chained to a desk, I actually get to see the outside more than twice a day and I get to sing to my iPod in the car. But there is one thing I cannot stand... one thing I hate more than country music...

Utah County drivers.

What is it about that invisible county line on the ever-windy Point of the Mountain that turns drivers into psychos? Where it's all of the sudden thoroughly acceptable to go 50 mph on the freeway until you see that I need to get over into your lane and then you speed up so I can't change lanes and have to slam on my brakes because the loser in front of me thinks that 40 mph on the freeway is equally acceptable. Oh yeah, and both drivers are in minivans. MINIVANS.

In my life, I can say with confidence that I have sworn more in Utah County than I have in any other county (and though some of this is due to the stresses of Econ 110 and my subsequent grade in that class and perhaps a dumb guy or two, most of it has been the result of having to drive in the UC).

I know people claim that Utah drivers in general are bad... that may be true... I haven't driven enough other places to know... but I can say this with confidence, that Utah County drivers are pretty effing bad.

And that is all I have to say about that.

{Author's Note: I will readily acknowledge that not all drivers who reside in Utah County are bad drivers; rather, I am merely pointing out the fact that it appears that the ratio of bad drivers to good drivers in the aforementioned county is far higher than in other neighboring counties.}


Aaron and Ashley Walker said...

I lived in Provo for awhile, and I totally agree. Utah county drivers are terrible.

Josh & Kenna said...

I live in Utah County and I could NOT agree more. I try really hard NOT to be one of said drivers. Oh goll, the MINIVANS. I wrote a post on them a while ago. I almost got hit by one today. This van moved into the turning lane and then decided, 'You know what? I don't think I wanna be in the turning lane.' This b.o.d. didn't even LOOK and was SO CLOSE to broadsiding my brand new car. (Yeah, yeah, I'm more worried about the car than me.) Good thing my horn works, or he heard me swearing at the top of my lungs...whatevs.

Wow, loooong comment.

Shannon said...

I discovered my road rage in Utah. Now Wyoming? Those people can drive (cattle, tractors, pick-up trucks are all no biggy. Why would the freeway be any different?). Californians? Them too--although they're a bit neurotic as well. But at least they know how to actually speed up on an ON-RAMP--because that's what those things are for, Utah. Now you know.
My blood is beginning to boil just thinking about commute time in Utah. Don't even get me started.
Good luck to you and your road time. Remember: deep breaths, counting backwards, and a good under-your breath cuss word goes a loonnnng way.

mary elizabeth said...

minivans with those dang family stickers.

gag me with a spoon! dang utah county!

Ashley said...

Yeah, minivans are the worst. Utah happens to have a lot of them. Puzzle solved.