Friday, July 31, 2009


... have a difficulty with patience most of the time.
... wish I was 5' 9" on a regular basis.
... love so passionately it hurts sometimes.
... get thoroughly annoyed when people ask when I plan to be (or if I am already) pregnant.
... wish I was more photogenic/could take better pictures.
... wish I didn't stress out about stuff so much.
... wish I could find a hobby that I really love that I am also good at.
... want to be at a Yankees game right now.
... get annoyed when people are pretentious.
... love to cuddle.
... feel really satisfied when I know I've accomplished something of worth.
... really appreciate the few close friends I do have.
... wish I could be comfortable in my own skin all the time.
... occasionally (secretly) wish I could still model.
... am so incredibly grateful it's the weekend.

London 2006


Kenna said...

I wish...I could live closer to you.

Abby said...

I'm sorry about that one time when I left a comment on your blog hinting that you might be pregnant.