Friday, May 29, 2009

Um, that was kinda awkward

So yesterday, I found myself sojourning down to the UC, to have a celebratory joint-birthday dinner with bestie, Kenna.

Naturally, we went to my former place of employment to dine (because, let's be honest, I still crave the food sometimes). It's always kind of surreal for me to go back, because a lot has changed (including the prices... hello, over-priced much?) and I don't know that many people who work there anymore. (It has been almost three years since I left.)

Thus I was quite pleased when I was sat in the section of one of my former co-workers, who I've never had any problems with, and think is a great person. I greeted him/her with a happy "Hey, how are you doing?" and was a bit disheartened when s/he basically grunted a reply.

I sat down in the booth, waiting for Kenna to arrive. As I open my menu and begin to peruse it, I overhear former co-worker asking someone else to take my table. You know, in that "trying-to-be-clandestine" whispery voice that you usually encounter when people are gossiping or something else like that.

Wow, this is getting awkward.

I mean, I worked there for four years. I know how it works. It would have been awkward enough to suddenly have a completely different server from a completely different section (you bet I still know the sections and the table numbers) come to serve my table. But the fact that I heard him/her ask the server to take my table was even worse.

And it was a tinge hurtful because it made me wonder if I had somehow offended this person and didn't know it. {Let's just say I had another experience where someone believed that I had spread awful and salacious rumors about them, and it was completely untrue. But the fact that someone thought I was even capable of that in the first place is what made me sick to my stomach. Still does sometimes. So I think I'm extra paranoid about things like that now. Why don't people just talk things out anymore? I don't get it.} I wondered if s/he though I was lowbrow enough to still try to garner a discount or something. (Haven't gotten one of those in years, thanks.) There was another former co-worker there who came up and chatted for a bit and was totally pleasant and nice. I kinda wished we had been put in his/her section instead.

But then I just felt grateful I got out of there when I did. I had a great time working there... I met a lot of great people and learned a lot about myself; however, there comes a time in life where change has to happen, where you have to move on. And I'm so glad I did, when I did. If I hadn't made that change, I bet I would still be there. Single. With no health insurance.

Depressing thought.

Other than that, dinner was lovely. Our server was nice and we tipped her generously. (Guess former co-worker just had to miss out on that one. Shrug.) And Kenna is one of the few people who I love enough to brave the traffic and UC drivers for. Just fyi. :)


Kenna said...

If I were, you know, totally loaded with cash, I would have left a one hundred dollar bill with a note that says, 'tell that pal of yours to get bent, and have fun shopping...or paying for textbooks...' or whatever.

Then again, I suppose we are more classy than that.

Thanks for coming down despite my obvious messy-ness of an attitude.

Always a pleasure.

Stacey said...

What the? Sometimes I don't understand how people can even function on a daily basis. Can't they just be nice for a short hour or two?

Britten & Chelsea Maughan said...

OH we loved working there-how we loved moving on! That is pretty lame and crappy of whoever it was!