Monday, May 4, 2009

sometimes i have a very short fuse.

perhaps this little issue stems back to the time when i had an actual temper. and it was a rather intense temper, might i add. i have sought for years to control it, to subdue it, and it really hasn't given me any problems since i was a young child.

except for some days. i can think of two examples that really make my blood boil.

example one: when i am in the car and some person is driving incompetently (you know, trying to text/smoke/eat/put on makeup/etc. all at the same time... or a person driving ten under the speed limit... stuff like that).

example two: when i get to work on a monday and all of the sudden i have 37 things to do straightaway, the copy machine breaks and i have a meeting to go to. or something like that.

and for some reason, it always surprises me how angry i get... how all of the sudden this intense feeling comes upon me, and it's all i can do to suppress it. it doesn't happen often... but often enough to serve as a wake-up call of sorts.

i've decided i need to RELAX.

i need to stop getting stressed and angry over silly things that don't matter. i need to find my "center" or whatever. i'm telling myself it's because i haven't had a vacation in awhile... which will be remedied next week.

so here's to recommitting to being less stressed and angry. {i might even have to stop watching the yankees this year. that's how committed i am.}


Kenna said...

Do yoga on the wii fit.

Works wonders.

Allison and Noah Riley said...

So I was reading and thinking, "Is Lauren telling a story about me?"

I had QUITE the temper as a kid. Like, the stuff of household lore. I will never, ever live it down.

I, too, have worked these many years to be a lot more calm and rational in my reactions but I can get seriously wound up sometimes.

Do you think maybe it's our four-year old selves just needing to surface occasionally after all this suppression :)? I'm sure that explanation would really go a long way in trying to convince Noah his wife isn't a crazy lady when I almost start crying because it's a downpour and I left my Metro card in Noah's wallet and the missionaries are stuck in an elevator in the projects. These events are not wholly unrelated...

Long comment. Miss you. Laters.

lauren said...

i have a difficult time picturing you with a temper, allison dear. but i think you're correct in asserting that our four-year old selves just need to break free sometimes. that, or we're crazy. haha.

and i like long comments. just fyi. :)

Ashley said...

Whatttt....?????!!!!! Adam still vividly remembers that time you were so mad about the Yankees losing when we were at my parents' house. Good times.

lauren said...

ugh. embarrassing. i had forgotten about that. but you try watching a game like that in a house full of red sox fans. even as much as i love your family, that is one of my versions of hell. (with different red sox fans other than your family of course.)