Monday, April 13, 2009

We hope you had a happy Easter.

Because we sure did. The Easter Bunny was quite nice to us this year... and we are very appreciative of his efforts on our behalf. We took pictures with our baskets in our Sunday clothes, because we have church at nine. Isn't husband the handsomest?

Easter also marks the auspicious day when my Aunt Lisa breaks out my great-grandma Rose's spaghetti recipe from Italy. (Have I mentioned I'm Italian? Te hee.) She makes everything from scratch kids, right down to the noodles. And the meatballs, oh heavens, the meatballs. Better meatballs have never been made in the history of mankind. They are a hot commodity so you have to grab them while you can.

Anxiously awaiting the spaghetti love... that's Aunt Lisa in the background, hard at work.

Not the best pic, but it goes fast ok? It's pasta yummyliciousness.

Uncle Gary and Aunt Lisa happen to also have some of the prettiest flowers in their yard.

Easter truly is my favorite holiday. And not just because it's Spring time, or because we get the family spaghetti, or because the Easter Bunny comes. It's because this is the time of year that we celebrate our Savior, Jesus Christ, and the sacrifices he made for each one of us. My church put out an amazing video to commemorate this sacred time of year. Want to feel some inspiration? Watch it below.

Happy Easter!


Liv said...

I was afraid that having spaghetti last night was too unconventional so I'm happy to see someone else ate it too!

Although, I'm sure my from-the-box pasta wasn't as good as homemade.

Kenna said...

Looks like you hit the jackpot.

Easter is one of my favorites as well. I guess I should say it's because of the Risen Lord, which is totally true. (I won't get all religious on ya)

I also love the candy...Easter candy is seriously the best of the year. I stock up on Reeses pb eggs...

Jana B. said...

i love your italian-ness. and yes, grandma's house is where transpired the infamous freshman year date. miss you.

Chelsey said...

Cute Easter pics. You have me salivating for spaghetti and meatballs and I am usually not a fan.