Thursday, April 23, 2009

Last night

we decided to venture out on another one of our lovely city walks. This time, the plan was to head east, to more residential-ish areas.

All was serene until a bug flew at my head. I thought I heard buzzing and then something hit my head, so I swatted it away with my hand.

About thirty seconds later I smelled something rank. And I looked down at my hair, and then at the hand I used to swat the "bug" away.

And I realized that it wasn't a bug at all...

it was bird poop.
{Hey, buzzing can sound like splatting ok? I promise.}

Me: (stopping abruptly) "Honey, do I have bird poop in my hair?"
Greg: "No... um wait... yes. Yes you have bird poop in your hair. Not so much on the top of your head, just in that one spot in the front."
Me: "Well get it out!"
Greg: "What? What do you mean, get it out? It's bird poop."
Me: "Can't you just swat it out or something?" {I think at this point the noxious fumes of said poop were altering my brain functions. Or something like that.}
Greg: "Honey, it's bird poop. You can't just 'swat it out.'"
We continue walking.
Greg: "Do you want to go home and wash your hair?" {My, my, he knows me well.}

So we circled back by the Jamba juice, got our usual, and then headed home.

And I washed my hair three times. In really hot water.

I hope my hair color can forgive me for that one.


Kenna said...

I am laughing so hard...

Really, that's about all I can say. That has never happened to me but it's such a treat when it happens to someone else. :)

Your hair forgives I'm sure. If you DIDN'T wash it then I think it would hold a grudge.

Jami said...

bird poop landing on you is a sign of good fortune! congrats!

Cliff, Kendal and Stone said...

haha, thanks for the laugh. You are too funny.

Abby said...

There are tons of geese here in Oregon, and as they fly over your house, well, it's not pretty.

Let's just say it sounds like rain, but it's not.

P.S. I enjoy your blog.

Abby said...

ok did I just submit that comment like eighteen times?

lauren said...

just twice... but i erased one of them, so you're good. :)

Aaron and Ashley Walker said...

I'm sorry, but that was really funny. I am jealous of all city walks you guys go on. I love downtown. If you haven't wandered through the avenues yet, you should.

Kimba said...

When Caleb was living in Houston I went to visit him (before we were married, obviously) and we drove out to San Antonio to visit the Alamo. As we were walking along the Riverwalk we were literally bombarded with bird poop. It was all over my hair, down my arm, pants, and shoes. We had to try and clean up in a hotel bathroom, a rather fancy hotel that apparently didn't think refilling their soap bottles was necessary. We were three hours away from his apartment. It was terrible.

Oh, and it was ORANGE.

mary elizabeth said...

he he! this makes me laugh! and totally reminds me of a few summers ago. the hubs and i were in cali for a glorious week long vacation. our first stop was in san luis obispo to visit a dear friend... we went out to breakfast at a cute little outdoor cafe. and, a bird pooped right on my arm + leg. i couldn't eat any more of my food for fear some had splattered into it. yikes!

then, after that we headed to the beach to walk the pier... yeah, i totally got pooped on again. within like an hours time. i had never been pooped on before! and then it happens twice in an hours time! it was soooo gross!

so, just know you are not alone! :D