Friday, April 17, 2009

Is it mono, boredom or just the weather?

This isn't the first time I've thought I've had mono. But in all the times before when I felt exhaustion like I've been feeling this week, it's been because I was physically and mentally spent. Working 30-40 hours a week at a restaurant and taking 15 hours of classes will do that.
So why, now, in all of my inactivity, do I feel equally exhausted?

I'm 99.99999% it's boredom. Probably because the sedentary nature of my job has softened both my brain and my body. To the point of ridiculousness, really. I entered college seven years ago, and emerged from it three and a half years ago, and now I feel in some ways decrepit, underutilized, under-appreciated. (In the professional realm of my life, that is.)

There are just times when I sit at my desk, after all of the menial tasks that have been dumped on me have dissipated, where I just feel exhausted. I think of all the things that I could accomplish, all the tasks I could complete. Yet the weather is foreboding and cold. Which increases my weariness.

Thank heavens it's Friday.

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Cliff, Kendal and Stone said...

Well if it means anything, I think you are fabulous at your job.

lauren said...

oh well thank you. you just might be the only one. ;)

Caitlin said...

I feel ya, Lauren. I really do. American Studies seemed like such a wonderful major at the time. ;)

Shannon said...

I can definitely relate...isn't it easy to think about grad school after a couple of years of working? I'm thinking the late nights and endless papers are sounding better and better (and somehow fulfilling in a really sick way) all the time.
--Your fellow mush-brain.

Abby said...


You don't have to answer that. I've just got babies on the brain lately. Plus everyone else I know is pregnant, works.

lauren said...

just got back from a baby shower actually, and two of the other girls there were also pregnant.

i was not one of them. so no, not pregnant.

Amy said...

I think you're intelligent, talented and fun. It's frustrating to not always have those qualities used to their fullest. But one thing I have realized more and more in life is that the job is temporary. You are permanent.

Just a thought from a parting TSG'er. =)