Monday, March 16, 2009

a perfect day.

dear husband,

saturday was such a wonderful day... a perfect day, in fact.

thanks for accompanying me on the best walk ever, throughout the streets of our lovely city. thanks for stopping with me periodically, and looking at certain houses and discussing how great it would be to restore them to their original glory. thanks for the great talk, the sporadic hand-holding and the occasional leaping. thanks for the delicious lunch and the glorious adventure of procuring the best find of our vinyl careers. thanks for dancing to kings of leon with me in our apartment and for all of the amazing snuggleys.

basically, thanks for loving me, for being my best friend and for contributing to one of the best days i've ever had. i know we'll have many more. :)



Chelsea said...

That was just actually really sweet and cute. I think I share your love/obsession for snuggling with the husband-nothing better especially on the weekend.

Abby said...