Friday, March 6, 2009

I just finished

The Yankee Years. I won't lie, I absolutely loved it. And kinda hated it.

Loved it because it delved into the glory years of the Torre era, and reminded me how much I love those Yankee teams. (I heart you, David Cone, Mike Mussina, Alfonso Soriano, Andy Pettite, Bernie Williams, Paul O'Neal, Joe Girardi, Jorge Posada, Mario Rivera and of course Derek Jeter. Cano, I heart you too, but you weren't a part of the glory years.) It reminded me of how classy Mr. Torre is, and how great a manager he is. It reminded me that we actually had a flawless rotation back in the day. (You know, before they let everybody with any talent go and sought after disasters like Pavano.) It discussed the mistake of acquiring players like A-Rod (i.e. the biggest d-bag in sports history) because they changed, nee, disrupted the feel of the team. (So I'm not taking crazy pills after all... Joe Torre and Tom Verducci agree with me. And they know their stuff.)

Hated it because it demonstrated the utter idiocy of the current administration of the Yankees. (Aka, Hankenstein, Hal, the stupid ex-gardener who knows nothing about baseball but who happened to marry George Steinbrenner's daughter and yes, you, Brian Cashman. I can't believe you did that to Joe. Honestly, how do you sleep at night?)

If you're a Yankees fan, or just a baseball fan in general, I highly recommend this book. It delves not only into Torre's tenure at the Yankees, but into baseball as a whole and how it changed during those 12 years. It discusses the rise of steroids, the rise of using technology to analyze players, the fall of the dynasty that was Torre's Yankees.

Mr. Torre, you're a class act. I wish you and the Dodgers (even though you have... gag... Manny) the very best this season.

As for my Yankees, I wish them the best because I can't turn my back on my team. But honestly, I wish A-Rod (and the aforementioned administration) would just go away and that we could get some decent pitching again. Hey, a girl can dream.


Kenna said...

Go Boston.

lauren said...

barf on a stick.

Allison and Noah Riley said...

I can see Russia (i.e. Yankee Stadium) from my house.

lauren said...

so. jealous.