Friday, February 20, 2009

well, i just happen to have the most amazing siblings in the history of mankind...

and it just so happens that two of them are celebrating their birthdays this week.

first off, brother dan, whose birthday was yesterday. he is probably the funniest, wittiest person i know and always has something brilliant to say. he's a really good kid who is a great example to my youngest bro, sam. he's also an amazing athlete with impeccable instincts for the game. plus he's really, really ridiculously good looking. love you lots bro. enjoy the cardy.

next is my favorite sister biz, who i miss lots and lots and lots because she lives in las vegas. her birthday is tomorrow. she is a killer hairstylist and i'm pretty sure i only get my hair cut twice a year because i wait until she can do it. she's always had a really fun and approachable personality and demeanor that literally attracts everyone to her. plus, she's definitely the sister with the good looks. love you sis... hope your present gets to you in time.

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Anonymous said...

Well, I would have to agree...your brother and sister sound amazing. I understand you're quite accomplished and you have two other talented brothers and an incredibly hansome husband....ok so, I'm your mom! Sure love all of my outstanding children, including my wonderful son-in-law.