Friday, January 2, 2009

Who am I sir?

A Utah man (or woman, to be more correct) am I!!!!!

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A heartfelt congratulations to the Utah Utes, who just dominated Alabama in the Sugar Bowl 31-17. Though I have always been a U fan, I have never been happier to be so than tonight. 13-0 baby!! Good work team! YAYA!!!!!!!!!!


Kenna said...


Suck on that Utah County. Looks like the Utes know how to pass to their own team mates.

What an awesome game. I honestly thought Alabama was going to spank our Utes but this was a most happy suprise. I almost wish I was at a bar drinking some Captain and watching the game with all my peeps.

Eliza said...

I was there in the Superdome, it was incredible!!!!!!!!!

Before the game started the Bama fans were so sure and confident.... seeing their faces at the end of the 1st quarter (a mixture of shock and legitimate fear) was priceless!!

Ashley said...

I was really rather proud of them. What a fantastic game. And I really want to see that movie. And Listerine? Really?

candace said...

AMEN!!! So fill your lungs and raise your voice and show it to the sky! We'll fight for dear old Crimson, for a Utah (wo)man am I!!!! That game was so exciting! The best thing to happen since I got laid off...(BTW thank you for your comment on my blog before Christmas).