Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Apparently the "Utah hair" phenomenon is more far reaching than I thought

If you're from Utah, you know exactly what "Utah hair" is. It comes in many forms, but is notable because of the intense hair ratting that's involved in achieving such a look. Basically, girls tease the life out of their hair, primarily in the crown region, creating an awful and white trash-looking bump. I guess like those who are tanorexic, who think they look amazing all leathery and orangey-brown, the girls who adopt this hairstyle think that extreme volume in the roots is sexy and feminine. (But maybe it's just more scary than anything.)

Anyway, the other night husband and I were watching TV, and a commercial came on advertising a product called the "Bumpit," and I couldn't help laughing. It's a plastic piece that you place under your hair so it looks bigger (and I would contend, bumpier). As a result, you get perfect "Utah hair" as shown below:

It's just sad really. Not to mention really, really wrong. And it's from a company that's named itself "Big Happie Hair." Happie with an i-e. Eesh. Don't they know how to spell? Oh wait, they were probably trying to be super cute or creative or something. Double eesh. As a side note, I checked to see if it is a Utah-based company, but it's actually out of California. Which means this whole icky hair trend is not completely relegated to the areas south of Salt Lake county and north of (and including some northern parts of) Davis county. Which is troubling. Very troubling indeed.


Kenna said...

I saw this and about DIED.

I swear there are a couple gals in my ward who own this.

Your word verification spells, 'dogit.'

Just thought you should know.

Kelly and Stacey said...

That is hilarious. I'm so embarrassed for us as Utahns.

mary elizabeth said...

Ack! Utah Hair!!

The best is when you can see THROUGH the hair because it's ratted up so much!!

Cami said...

I might just start crying and laughing all at the same time...my worst nightmare has come true...the AWFUL Utah "BUMP" is going to be nation wide! NOOOOO!
Can I just tell you I also love the Mickey Mouse ears bump...the one where they rat the sides just above their ears...Not at the scalp oh no that would be to practical...not in the back that would be to normal. But the sides...really people. Really.

Megan said...

Everytime I think of the "bump" I am reminded of the girls in our ward at LS. Yikes!
Also, I see the bump in LA ALL the time (most of the time at Church functions). It makes me sick!
Thanks for the laugh this morning.

Chelsey said...

That is hilarious. Bump it! Where can I get me one?

Kristy said...

I had totally forgotten how big Utah hair really is until I came back for Christmas break!! I was appalled. I thought that over the years Utahans would get the hint...but nope! I can't believe someone would make a product to promote such a travesty!

Whitney said...

i LOVE this post because i have two sister-in-lawes that rat the living hell out of their hair! eesh is right! sick! and so it's not just in utah, it's made it's way up to idaho because they have never lived in utah. everytime i am home i am like, seriously girls, you look like you have bumps on your heads! (this is all in my head, i don't actually say anything) and the sad thing is they actually think they look better! what? now maybe they are actually using the product! lol. anyways loved this post.