Monday, January 12, 2009

200 posts already?

It's true. This is the 200th post of this blog. And instead of writing one of my typical diatribes, I have decided to post some Christmas pictures. WITH captions. It's seriously one of the most precious things I've ever done. (Thanks Mom, for hooking me up.) So for those of you who say this blog needs more pictures, enjoy the following. (And feel free to make fun of the no-makeup, I-just-woke-up pics. Next year I just may have to look in a mirror first.)

At Caffe Molise before the Nutcracker

Post ugly sweater party

Sibling presents

I think we've done a version of this shot every year for at least the last fifteen years, regardless of the what home is being inhabited at the time

Happy Birthday/Merry Christmas to Chloe

Methinks Santa is a wizard of bow tying

I like pretty things

I wonder what team we cheer for...

I love him

Cousins, cuuuute

The sis


Kenna said...

I haven't even posted about Christmas yet. Eesh!

Adorable though, and it's about time you posted some friggin' pictures. Who does that?

torileigh said...

Low-Ride, those boots are so YOU!!

Kelly and Stacey said...

Cute christmas pictures, love the coat, love the boots, love sis's red hair, and happy 200th post! Keep up the good work.

Whitney said...

i loved these pics! gave me a little insight into your life with your family! happy new year and merry Christmas! a little late. glad you had fun with everybody! wish i could have seen you!

caitlin said...

Okay, that red sweater with the green wreath thing around the collar...seriously ugly. I hope it won a prize or something. Haha, love the pics!

Clayton and Amber said...

Love the Christmas pictures- especially the ugly sweater party. I'm glad you had a great Christmas. The post below of you dancing with your Dad is so cute. I love that picture. Congrats on the 200th post. Did you celebrate?