Thursday, December 18, 2008

A few of my favorite art pieces

It is no secret that I am an art freak. I saved an entire half of a day for the National Gallery when I was in London (I was only there for two and a half days) and devoted a large chunk of my New York time to the Met. I love the beauty and the sophistication of the classics and the eclectic uniqueness of the modern. I am constantly astounded by the talent that these artists possessed... it truly moves me. Thus, I decided to share a few of my very favorites with you, my lovely readers, so that you can also enjoy them. Though I have only seen one of them in real life, I hope I can see the others one of these days.


Water Lilies by Claude Monet
This is my favorite of his entire series, and I am sure it is breathtaking in real life. I have seen a version of this scene, and it is absolutely beautiful. Monet had such a delicate touch to his work. It creates this amazingly ethereal look that absolutely entrances me.

Woman in White by Pablo Picasso
Before his cubist days, Picasso delved into more literal subject matter and form. The first time I saw this painting I was 16 and it left such an impression upon me. I think the lines are so beautiful and communicative. I could look at it for hours.

Rami di Mandorlo in Fiore by Vincent van Gogh
This is probably so phenomenal to view in real life because of all of the impasto that van Gogh implemented in the creation of his works. Having seen other paintings by this artist, I can only imagine the richness in color and in technique that would become obvious when viewing the painting live.

Madonna of the Rocks by Leonardo da Vinci
This is a closeup of the angel in the foreground of the painting. I saw a study of this at the Met and think it exemplifies Leonardo's thorough mastery of the human form. His works never cease to amaze me, even though I have studied so many.


La Pieta by Michelangelo
This is my most favorite sculpture in the ENTIRE world. I hope that some day I can see it, and I will inevitably cry because it is so beautiful. I have such a respect for Michelangelo. He was able to form such delicate shapes out of pieces of marble that no one else would dare touch. I love the dichotomy of agony and tenderness that resides in this work. It is one of the most amazing things ever created by man. And I mean that.

The Ecstasy of Saint Teresa by Bernini
I love the drama of this piece. Bernini was another artist that was able to capture the subtle nuances of emotion in his works. I like the exhibitionism of this one, and the background really adds to the dramatics of the piece as well.
The Kiss by Rodin
My second favorite sculpture of all time is sometimes regarded as controversial. You know, because they're kissing and they're naked... and whatever. BYU had to refrain from showing this piece when the Rodin exhibit came through because of this fact. However, what I see is the very essence of love, timelessly embodied (which is why the subjects are sans clothing) and tenderly expressed. The forms in this piece are both breathtakingly simple and thoroughly emotional. I can't get over how lovely it is.

Well there you have it. Just a few of my fav pieces of art in the world. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.


Kimba said...

I highly reccomend the Louvre! And my personal favorite, Le Centre Pompidou. I could have spent YEARS in there!

Shannon said...

I love the Monet one, as well. Have you seen it? It is breath taking in person. Chicago Art Institute, my friend, is another one I highly recommend. And that sculpture is beautiful. I stared at it on your blog for five minutes at least...the way her robes flow. Amazing.
Maybe as an art expert, you can help me. Once, a long time ago, I saw a painting that touched me. I can't remember the title, or the artist, however. Minor details, right? But I'm thinking that maybe if I describe it to you, you can help me out. It is a renaissance style painting, (I think) of a woman sitting down, her two (?) children kind of kneeling/standing behind her and to the side. There is someone standing in the painting, as well, holding jewelry out towards the mother, and she is gesturing to her children instead. Implying that her jewels are her children. Any ideas? Suggestions? And thanks for this post. Maybe some day we can go stare at art together.

Kristy said...

Did you see the Water Lillies painting at the MoMa in NY? If not next time you're around you need to go see it!! It's three HUGE panels that take up the entire wall. AMAZING!! This post makes me want to go see some art - maybe I'll stop by the Met today. Thanks for inspiring me Lauren!

Jessica said...

la pieta is even more amazing in real life. you have got to see it! you will die!