Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A wedding was had

And it was a beautiful wedding. Perfect weather, great location, fun people. The makeup venture was a happy success. Husband looks very handsome in a tux, btw. And I just look tired.

The Prom pic we never had, because it's funny (I'm only posting this because husband looks HOTT and to illustrate just how tired I looked/felt at the end of the evening)

Sister and brothers



Time to Blog It Up! said...

ahhhh, yes it was a wonderful day and a beautiful wedding! You did not look a bit tired but very beautiful! Colleen is very lucky to have such a sweet Daughter join her family. Tamee

Anonymous said...

It was so nice, and Kate was the most beautiful ever! Her dress was amazing, and I'm loving seeing the veil...Kara told me about it - gorgeous! Will you e-mail me those ones of you girls with her and the guys with her please? I'd love to have copies! Love you!

Kenna said...

You are the new hotness.

kelly said...

She looks so beautiful. I love her dress and veil, so classy. Good work on the makeup too!