Monday, November 10, 2008

An open letter to Anthropologie

Dear Anthropologie,

I mean no offense when I say that I seriously hate you. Ok, maybe I don't hate you per se, but I am really getting tired of all of your cute clothes/home decor/etc. because they tempt me. They tempt me to spend way too much on way too little in the name of fashion. They perfectly coincide with ensembles I have created in my brain, yet dash my hopes when I dare to glance at a price tag. Granted, there are times when I find a smashing deal at the sale racks, but you keep them all in the back so I have to look at all of the other cute clothes on my way. And then I usually just want those instead.

I mean, we're in a recession here. Can't you just lower the prices a little bit? (Or in my case, a lot bit?) Can't you just send me clothes for free because I'm such a fan?

Didn't think so. But it never hurts to ask. If you reconsider, please alert me immediately.



Cami said... takes all my will power to just keep walkin past the store.
They really need to cater to us.

Chelsea said...

I recently browsed through an anthropologie catalog at work and wondered to myself if I will EVER be able to afford to shop there...

Kristy said...

I am right there along side you. It really is such a love-hate relationship.

Kimba said...

I agree! I love looking at their home decor, and try to steer clear of the clothes because I KNOW I will find something I want, and it hurts to put it back on the rack. I love this store!

Brad & Britt said...

again, AMEN! Thankfully my mother-in-law works there and can provide me with a discount here and there....but even THEN! But, there is the cutest stuff there ever! We can all just drool together at their adorable stuff and just wish that we can own it one day!

Chelsey said...

Thank you, Lauren, for putting to words what the rest of us are thinking.