Monday, November 24, 2008

A. Flawless. Day.

Saturday was an amazing day in the life of husband and me. It was one of those rare days where everything worked out perfectly (yes, even with our colds) and we had copious amounts of fun together.

Up first was Twilight, and I'm happy to report that I didn't hate it. (I didn't love it either, which is just further substantiation of my belief that a movie adapted from a book is never as good as its inspiration.) That being said, I found the chemistry between the two leads to be enough to allow me to ignore (for the most part) that Robert Pattinson can't really act, and that most of the peeps didn't really get the essence of their characters. Nor were they in any way beautiful enough. (Some of it had to do with the creepy white makeup they used... low budget for sure.) But if you liked the book, you should probably go ahead and see the movie; it's a decent representation of the essence of the book. And then just read the book again, because it's better.
The Utah/BYU game was soooooo incredibly satisfying this year. We didn't go to the game this year, but got together with some of the fam and watched the Utes emphatically triumph over the Cougars. I wanted to kiss (or, at the very least, chest bump) Max Hall for choking so bad. And it is always lovely to see some of the more sanctimonious BYU players make dumb penalties when they get frustrated. Lovely, indeed. I'm proud to say that I bleed red, and thoroughly enjoyed the game.

Last, but certainly not least, we went to the Coldplay concert. And I have to say that this concert ties for first (with Radiohead, naturally) for being the best concert I have ever attended. Coldplay has a special meaning to me, for multiple reasons, one being that they reminded me of husband long before I ever thought it was possible for him to become husband. So it was rather enjoyable for me to be at this concert with my incredible husband, enjoying the flawlessness that is Chris Martin and company. The stage was really unique; the sides ran down into the floor seats, and the band utilized these bits a lot during the performance. One of the highlights for me was when the band performed IN the crowd about ten rows up and just kitty corner from where we were sitting. It was then that they performed an acoustic version of "The Scientist." (I will post a clip of that later, I just have to compress the size.) I about fainted from the sheer joy of it all. They played a perfect amalgamation of their body of work, including most songs from Viva la Vida. During "Lovers in Japan" a bunch of butterfly confetti (that glowed btw) fell from the rafters, creating this beautiful effect and feel. Their encore was a simple, but wonderful, performance of "Yellow." I know this sounds cheesy, but it felt like we were a part of something special. I always find it refreshing when a band interacts with the audience and makes them feel like they are a part of the show. Coldplay did just that. They were worth every penny.

Super sick but super excited for the show

Just performing in the crowd, nbd

They're a lot closer than they look in this pic

"Lovers in Japan" confetti extravaganza

Taking a bow


Kenna said...

Sounds flawless. I'm still jeaous about the Coldplay concert. I probably always will be...

Oh, and since I was the ONLY one rooting for the U at my house, the victory was that much sweeter.

There was a pic of a guy dressed up as Jesus with a poster that said, 'Jesus loves U.' I could have died happy.

Beth Soderberg said...

All I have to say is... on Saturday night, although it was a close race, Max Hall should have won the award for Utah's MVP of the game. And what a beautiful game it was :)

Jimmy and Lindsey said...

Lucky! I am jealous I wanted to go to this concert really bad! I love Coldplay!

Allison and Noah Riley said...

So jealous. Words cannot even describe. :)

Abby said...

That is so cool. I almost didn't want to read your post when I saw the title because I knew it would be about your Saturday adventures and I would be all jealous.
But I swallowed my envy and LOVED the pictures. Glad you had such a great day.

Cami said...

AHHHH so jealous

caitlin said...

Love the pics, Lauren! PS: I read an article about that Duffy girl in a magazine while in the waiting room of a doctor's office--I may just have to check out her music. :) hehe, happy turkey day!