Friday, November 21, 2008

an eventful saturday

husband and i have quite the day tomorrow. filled with some delightful events. in spite of the colds we've both acquired, it should be a great day.

event one: twilight

it's going to be terrible, i'm sure... but my curiosity is killing me. and g is willingly going with me. i even gave him an out. what a good sport.

event two: the holy war

yes, it's that time of year again when the university of utah plays byu in what is affectionately referred to as "the holy war." personally extreme fans of both sides tend to be irksome to me... though i think the sanctimonious byu fans bug me a little bit more. they can't blame their actions on inebriation. (kidding, kidding. well, kind of.) it should be a great game this year. and even though i attended the y, i bleed red. GO UTES.

event three: coldplay

i have been waiting to see these guys in concert since a rush of blood to the head came out and am ecstatic to have great lower bowl seats. it may cut into the game, but it's so worth it. i'll prob cry. like i did during radiohead. (and i don't care if they're mainstream now, they make some great music.)


Abby said...

Holy cow that is going to be an AMAZING day! Can't wait to hear all about it! And way to go, Greg, for going along with your wifey to "Twilight". Brian won't touch it with a ten foot pole.

Julie Nelson said...

hah! We have just about the same post.... with a little different twist. Have fun at Coldplay, I won't be reading your next post cause I'm sure you're going to talk all about it.

Ashley said...

Oh gosh, it was awful...the holy war, I meant. I am on my way to see Twilight by myself. So we must discuss soon.

Brad & Britt said...

what a week! Yeah, I had my feelings about the Twilight movie, but I will keep them to myself for fear that I will spoil how others (who may be hopeful that it is a good movie) will possibly feel about it! Yeah, when I went to the midnight showing of Twilight, I officially Un-Invited Brad for fear of how he would make fun of the movie the whole time! ahha! The UTE game was AWESOME! GO UTES!