Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The legend of the shoes and other stories

About six or so months ago, G saw a pair of shoes at Urban that he really loved. This is what they looked like (I know, we're totally soul mates):

He didn't want to get them because they were pretty expensive (he is so practical and selfless), but I knew he really wanted them.

A few months went by and I thought that perhaps these shoes would be the perfect anniversary present (though said anniversary was still a few months away) and that I could justify what I spent on them because the one year anniversary is a big deal. So I go to Urban's website in happy anticipation... only to be greatly dismayed.

They were sold out.

At first I didn't panic because I figured I could find them elsewhere on the world wide web. But then I realized that I was searching for a limited edition shoe that was one of the most popular of the year.


Finally, after a lot of searching, there was a beacon of light-- I stumbled across a site called (no joke) Kicks Hustla out of the Bronx, NY who had the shoes. And they were half the price. No husband could be mad about that. I researched the security of their site, and chose to work through Google checkout for the financial transaction. A day or so later, I received an email that my order had shipped, coupled with the tracking number, and that my bank account was charged. So far so good right?

Then I got an email from Google checkout saying I was to receive a refund on my order. I was understandably confused. So I emailed Kicks Hustla to see what was going on. Was I going to get the shoes? In a frantic frenzy I contacted a gentleman on Ebay who was selling the same style of shoe in a different size to see if he had a 12. I was nervous because I didn't know where else to get the dang shoes. I received an email the next day saying that the company was no longer in business with Google and that their clients had all received refunds without the company's consent.

But I'd still be getting the shoes.

Say what?

But I did get the shoes. All the way from China. (Sent on 8/8/08 no less. Olympics anyone?) For FREE.

So I bought him Weezer tickets too. Because I didn't want to just give him free shoes.

And that, my friends, is the legend of the shoes.

As for the other stories, I'll give you the Cliff's Notes:

1. The Weezer concert was pretty fantastic. (The first time I saw them was 12 years ago right after Pinkerton came out. They were opening for No Doubt. My first concert ever in fact.) They were clad in one piece track outfits that were really geeky and great after starting the concert off in hazmat-like suits. Rivers still knows how to have a great time (he had such a great time jumping on the mini tramp and sliding across the floor with his guitar, that he actually ripped holes in the knees of his pants) and the entire band is both vocally and musically amazing. One of the funnest shows I have been to. Plus I went with Greg, which is a guaranteed great time.

2. We came home and watched most of the Presidential debate. Not your finest night guys, for either of you. What really got me though is the fact that McCain still resorts to using confusing misinformation about Obama, instead of presenting solid and specific facts about his (McCain's) plans for the country. I'm tired of his condescension as well. I mean, as the rich white guy in the debate, you'd think he'd be a bit more careful about how he addresses and responds to Obama (like Biden had to be with Palin). It just makes him look stupid and threatened by Obama. And, even though when I was little I used to kiss the screen every time he came on screen, I thought Tom Brokaw really hindered the whole debate. He tried his best, but just didn't do a great job. I hope the last debate is better.

3. Does anyone know where I can find a "non-bridesmaid yet needs to be formal enough to match with my husband's tux" dress in this color by November 18th? I need all the help I can get.


Lilismom said...

Ok, 1st - those shoes are AWESOME! Will Greg please wear them with a suit some time when I can see them? I think that would work well, not for the wedding though...and 2nd - help shop for a dress that I would wear if I could? Of course! Go to, dresses, page 1, Travessia, and page 8, Antiquarian (with a little jacket or sweater)...those are my suggestions.

Love you!

Cliff, Kendal and Stone said...

Ummm, that is probably the coolest story ever. And cool shoes.

Ashley said...
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Ashley said...

Those shoes are hideous.

Fun about the Weezer concert.

I agree with you about the debate. Dreadful. Boring. Redundant.

To what is Greg wearing a tux, creating your need for a formal dress?

And that was my deleted comment. There was an error in the first one.

Clayton & Amber said...

I am still shocked after reading about your long search and final arrival of the FREE shoes. Totally awesome. Parker would have wanted them! I have no ideas for a dress other than you are pretty enough to make any dress formal enough. Happy 1st! -a

Shannon said...

my little bro went to the weezer concert and said it is the best one he's ever been to, which is saying alot. Glad you got to go.