Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Just a year older is all

I'd just like to send a big happy birthday across the waves of the internet, to my beautiful mother. Mom, thanks for birthing me, for teaching me how to be open-minded and accepting of others and for passing along your killer fashion sense. (Yes kids, my mom was in Seventeen Magazine. Twice. And she'll be super embarrassed that I told you all. But I have a hot mom, what can I say?)

In all seriousness, I just have to say that I love my Mama and feel really blessed that I get to be her daughter. And I hope she has the bestest birthday ever.


Kenna said...

That's quite precious. I digs my mom too.

We're cool like that.

Cami said...

Your momma came in to get a massage today! I didnt get to see her..I was in an appt. I love your mom. Tell her happy b-day from me!

I wish I was in Seventeen Magazine so I could tell my kids how cool I was.

Julie Nelson said...

Your mom is pretty cool!