Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I like you Michelle Obama, I really like you

I've never met a Michelle I didn't like. (Except for this one time... but that's the only exception, and a whole other story.) I mean, my very own awesomeness to the max mother is named Michelle. It's a great name, given to great women.

Such is the case with Michelle Obama. She is one classy and intelligent woman. She says what's on her mind without being disrespectful or condescending. She has yet to utter a derogatory statement about her husband's opponents. (You know, personal pot shots and such, the stuff McCain's campaign has become so fond of.) She is charming and approachable without being too folksy. (We all know I'm tired of all things folksy.) Oh yeah, and she doesn't shop at Neiman Marcus. (But won't criticize Palin for doing so. Which fact just further exudes her classy ways.)

I have been scrutinizing each potential first lady a lot in the past few months, and I won't lie, Michelle Obama is blowing Cindy McCain out of the water. I don't necessarily fault Mrs. McCain for this, because I do not think she likes the political life much, nor is she equipped to deal with it. Mrs. Obama, on the other hand, seems ready to be the first lady. I've mentioned her grace and refinement during her interview with Larry King; and the thing I appreciate about her is that fact that she is able to relate to the American public. She's able to joke around and exhibit her wit, and in the same breath convey the sincerity of her husband's campaign; thus I enjoyed her recent appearances on The Daily Show and The Tonight Show.

Plus, she's got some sass. You can just tell. I bet if you put her in a room with Ahmadinejād, he'd end up getting sent to his room without dinner whilst relinquishing his presidency.

Anyway, concerning the election, at this point most people's minds have been made up. (But if you want to make anonymous comments on this blog to refute my point, be my guest. I'd just prefer it that if I know you, you should just tell me who you are up front because I'll find out anyway. Te hee.) Some people have already voted (yeah ask me if I can't because my registration went through the day after the early voter deadline... I'm really bummed, though finally registered as an Independent, yaya) or will vote by week's end.

I just like Michelle Obama. And I'm not afraid to say it.


Kenna said...

Nicely put, and I concur. As far as anonymous posts, I have to say I almost posted this anonymously for fun...

Ask me when I registered. Can we say, 'Last day possible.' It was a madhouse. Come to find out I was already registered.


Shannon said...

I like Michelle, too. I'm doing the absentee ballot episode. So much fun. Worth it, though.