Friday, October 31, 2008

I heart Halloween

Because I get to dress up in fun (not skanky) costumes and eat candy and stuff. And now I have a HOTT husband that dresses up with me.

But one of my most favoritest things about Halloween is Count Chocula cereal. And one of my favorite people in the entire world just sent me, not one, but TWO boxes of this delectable treat. (I couldn't find it anywhere in SLC, husband and I even quested for it one night to no avail. Husband quested multiple nights without me too, bless his heart.) Thanks Kenna, you are one of my besties and I love your guts. You seriously made my Halloween.

Nobody gets between Batgirl and her Count Chocula.

1 comment:

torileigh said...

No more skanky costumes, huh?? Ha ha ha, I kid, I kid. I know you love Halloween.