Friday, September 12, 2008

What I wish I was wearing right now

So it's a Friday here at the good old TSG, and finding that I was not needed to write the copy I thought I would be writing, I decided to put together an outfit that I'd buy if I had no budget. Enjoy.

First off, the dress. I love the classic and simple silhouette and the delicate pleating. Its champagne tones really appeal to my aesthetic, and reminds me of the tones and colors I wanted for my wedding. (Which will be a year ago on the 19th... crazy how the time flies!) I think it's ladylike and yet also exudes a flirty and fun vibe.

I will admit that the choice of this cardigan is a bit monochromatic and that the length of it is probably a hair too long for the dress. But, I absolutely love the detailing of the garment and think it compliments the dress nicely. I actually like the fact that the outfit is so monochromatic yet constructed of different fabrics with different textures.

Though I usually favor a taller, skinnier heel, I think these shoes and their detailing flow perfectly with the style of the dress and cardigan. And it would be nice to not get my heels stuck in the gap of the sidewalk for once.

I featured these earrings as one of my items of the day. I like the delicate look of them. I also think they compliment the dress really well. I actually had a pair similar to these, but they were really cheap and hurt my ears.

I really like the vintage feel of this ring. I love it because it's stackable and because it would be a perfect right hand ring. I love the fact that the yellow gold looks antique, like it was passed down from your grandmother or something.

So there you have it. A horrendously over-priced yet thoroughly adorable outfit. And if anyone finds a ring that looks like the one pictured above that isn't so effing expensive (it doesn't even need to be gold or have real diamonds, I just wouldn't want it to turn my finger green) please send the info my way. I'm on the hunt.

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