Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Short weeks are the best weeks

So I have made a decision that I'll go back to writing as usual. That's not to say that I'm not hurting anymore or that things here at work are 100% ok... but I know they will be. And so I'm going to fake it until I make it.

Anyway... yesterday, due to the unfortunately chilly weather, the husband and I decided to see a movie. Since nothing has come out recently that peaked our interest, we decided to go to a dollar movie in Sugarhouse. To our surprise, we discovered that it was 50 cent night at the theater. That should have tipped us off right there.

Picking the most suitable chairs we could find, we sat down, ready to enjoy this amazingly inexpensive film. Unfortunately, the rest of our experience would be utterly irritating.

First, there was phlem guy. Who, sitting directly behind me, thought it would be prudent to hack and cough up phlem throughout the duration of the movie. Then, there was the couple who brought their brand new baby to the movie and refused to take it (sorry, don't know the gender) out when it started crying. And it cried a lot. Which is understandable, seeing as how we were at Hellboy 2. Then there was the guy who literally stole another person's seat when the person got up to go to the bathroom. And who told the aforementioned person that he could sit in the seat stealer's seat. Seriously. Not to mention the countless families who thought that taking their five kids all under the age of five to Hellboy would be an uplifting family activity. I'm sorry, but I think there are reasons why movies are assigned certain ratings, and though I firmly believe in a parent's right to discretion, I think that most are just lazy and don't want to get a babysitter. I think that adults often forget how impressionable children are and how their minds are unable to process the information that we are able to process. It makes me sad.

Needless to say, though movie was cheap, we were glad we came on a 50 cent Monday.

Otherwise we would have felt like we overpaid.


Ashley said...

Sorry about your boss...and, frankly, Hellboy. Did you really need to spend even small dollar that you did on that movie when you had already spent the day with Eli not two weeks before?

Kimba said...

This is a huge pet peeve of mine, especially during things like, oh, church. The kid is screaming. Take him out. Seems so EASY and LOGICAL but it seems there are far too many people out there who don't get it.

Oh, how I miss the dollar theatre, though! We went there quite often with a bunch of friends and always had a great time. The cheapest theatre here is still nearly $10!

Just Blog It Up! said...

So How was the movie? sounds kind of strange...You were in my old stomping ground. Sugarhouse area is were I grew up and went to school, old Highland High School. There use to be a big JCpenny were the theater is now. Wow some days I feel sooooo, oh I'm not going to say it. Sorry about the crying, that can be hard on those little babies...have a great day. Tamee

Shannon & Ryan said...

You know, we had a similar experience at the drive-in when we went to see The Dark Knight. Some couple brought their three year old to watch this movie. I am pretty sure that it was way past that kid;s bedtime. Apparently, the parents thought he would just fall asleep in the car and the creepiness of the joker would not invade his sleep thoughts. The movie scared the beejeezees out of me, I can only imagine the nightmares that child will have for the rest of his life. Hell Boy? Lauren, seriously. Hell Boy?
Have you seen Lars and the Real Girl? I am pretty sure you will love it. Highly recommend it. It's my new fav.