Monday, September 8, 2008

I'm having a difficult time today/What I should have done instead of go to college

Let me preface this by just underscoring the fact that I am greatly blessed. I have an amazing husband and family and so many other things that I will not take the time to expound in this post, mainly because it would be infinitely long. That being said, today has not been the best day.

Work's hard. I come in everyday and it's different. Some days I'm ok. Others, I feel like someone has kicked me in the gut. I'm trying to deal with it the best way I can, and really trying not to be a drama queen. But it's difficult when the moment you walk in the door you're bombarded with a barrage of complaints or questions or whatever else. I'm learning patience.

Yesterday was an interesting day. The husband and I walked out to where my car was parked, with the purpose of attending church, only to discover that my car was gone. Admittedly, it was parked in a non-spot in our lot that others frequently utilize when the other spots are full. Since there was no info or evidence that it had merely been towed, Greg called the police to report a stolen vehicle. It was then we discovered that no, my car had not been stolen, yes, it had been towed, and thankfully the number to the towing company was provided. We called them and were told to go to their location (a total DIVE, btw), pay them TWO HUNDRED and SEVENTY-FOUR dollars (in exact cash) in order to get our vehicle back. So an ATM stop and a quick gum purchase at 7-11 (because they wouldn't just give us two tens for a twenty) later, we found ourselves bailing poor Lola the Corolla out of impound hell. (I should have skipped college, and prob high school for that matter, rented a cheap piece of land, worn my pants half-way down my butt, and screwed a lot of people out of money for a living. It's a brilliant plan really.)

After we got my car, we got a disheartening call from G's dad. Greg's grandma, Shirley contracted an infection that has spread throughout her whole body, and thus does not have a lot of time left to live. So we spent the remainder of what would have been church time up at the hospital. Though this is really hard for G's family, it's also a blessing because Shirley has had a pretty low quality of life. She suffers from dementia and has recently become a lot worse. So we are happy that she will soon suffer no more and are grateful for the great grandma she has been, and revel in the glorious plan that weaves us all together.

My insomnia has returned in full force, and random thoughts such as this have been infiltrating what was once sleep time:

Thank you John McCain for making my voting decision easy... now I have to vote for Obama since Palin's so clueless. (See exhibit A)

Imitation is NOT the highest form of flattery. In fact, it's actually quite annoying.

I love Special K. Why haven't I gotten it lately?

Steve's REALLY gone. What does that mean for this and this and this...

The Yankees suck. They ARE NOT going to make the post season. My guy Joe G. is in TROUble.

I'm so proud of my brother Joe; he'll be a great missionary. And I'm gonna miss that kid.

Why can't I field a grounder anymore?

Why does my body feel like the body of a 60 year old?

I love love LOVE my husband.

I am really REALLY excited for my one year anniversary.

I wonder if we'll make it to Lagoon this year.

(It's a wonder why it's difficult for me to sleep isn't it?)


Kenna said...

I wish I had something useful to say.

If I were in your office, I would fling rubber bands at everyone who complained to you. I have no problem taking out an eye or two...

Shannon & Ryan said...

Total bummer on the towage of your car. I do like Lola's name, however. I'm sure she's very resilient. I hope that you and Greg and your family will be comforted during his grandma's illness. Dementia is aweful. Hey, my body feels like it's 50 years old, too. What a coinkidinc. The media could have taken Palin's comment out of context. Maybe she meant "tax payers" as in "normal every day citizens" who are having a hard time paying the loans back to the greedy lenders (although you can also insert "stupid" into "normal, every day citizens). And I'm pretty sure you can still catch grounders. It's like riding a bike. Only more fun.

Ashley said...

Oh no you don't...don't you go pulling "facts" from the Huffington freaking post. She may have been incorrect yesterday, but she is correct today; the bailout of these companies IS going to be incredibly expensive for taxpayers. I am sorry about all of the other crap.

Brad & Britt said...

i am voting for and suporting McCain. Can we still be friends?

lauren said...

totes. :)

SLCVW said...

YAY L-A-U-R-E-N! FINALLY SOMEONE WHO THINKS WITH THEIR HEAD AND NOT THEIR CONGREGATION!!! I was happy to read the part about not voting for McCain, whether you were being completely serious or not, at least it shows some open mindedness in this state! :) Hugs. Ian