Friday, September 26, 2008

Biases and ambiguities in the media

I knew that when I decided to write a politically-driven post on here, that I would be opening myself up to the criticism of anyone and everyone who happens to know me or who meanders on to this blog. I knew this, and I posted anyway, because it was a topic that I felt I had independently researched enough to have a legitimate and valid opinion. I used the facts from articles to support my stances, the larger part being extracted from CNN, because (though some argue it to be more left than right) I wanted to strive to represent the conclusions I've come to through the most neutral media outlet I could find.

But to be honest, there is no true neutral media outlet. I realized that when I came under fire for sighting "solely liberal articles" in my post and for (gasp) watching Frontline. (Because "that program is the liberal media at work.") To be honest, I have tried to draw my conclusions from all facets of the political sphere, from Fox News to the Washington Post. And what I have tried to do is separate the built-in biases and opinions that are provided from both conservatives and liberals from the stone cold facts. I also realize that my life's experiences and my current situation will factor into the way I view this information. Because no one can truly be impartial. Try as we might, the way we were raised, the things we are taught in school or at work, etc. all form the way we view the world. That's just the way we're made.

That being said, I have a legitimate fear of the next four years. I know my vote doesn't mean much in my state, but I'm taking my decision very seriously. I have weighed the issues in my mind and have engaged in much contemplation. I feel much as I did during the last Presidential election, that I was voting for the "lesser of two evils" so to speak. To be honest, I don't really like politicians in general. And it feels like this election is so charged that no one can have a conversation about it or express an educated opinion about it without coming under fire. It's like the Yankees v. the Red Sox to the nth power.

To my critics who think I presented Palin through the eyes of the liberal media, here is an article by conservative columnist Kathleen Parker. I think her points are quite valid and sincere.

The bottom line is that Sarah Palin, though she may be intelligent and even mean well, is not qualified to be the Vice President of the United States. If you viewed her interview on Good Morning America, or her interview with Katie Couric (as seen below), you can see what I mean.

In the end though, I think it's important that we all study these matters out for ourselves, that we can use the brains we have been given to form an educated opinion. For instance, I would love to welcome comments from people who like Sarah Palin and think she'd be a good VP. Because people who disagree with me fascinate me. And I always learn something from them, provided that we can have a civilized and an intellectual conversation. All that I ask is that I be afforded the same right that everyone has to state my opinions and beliefs. (But if you come at me with arguments like "Barrack is a Muslim terrorist who doesn't salute the flag," I'll send you some very accurate and non liberal information to refute your libelous thoughts, and then say you're stupid. Well, maybe not really, but you would be kind of gullible to believe that stuff.)

Sorry, had to be a bit facetious at the end. That's part of my nature too.

Oh yeah, I have enabled anonymous comments on my blog in case you don't want to identify yourself or if you don't have a blogger account. So comment away.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you opened your account up to anonymous posts because I don't have a blogger account and haven't been able to post! I'm glad you share my same opinion about sarah palin and the rest of the candidates (fort he most part). And hey, what's so bad about the liberal articles anyway? I prefer those to the conservative articles, although they are both very opinionated (spelling?)
By the way, this is Beth since it will say anonymous probably. :)

Ashley said...

So does that mean that you think that Obama is the lesser of two evils?

Here are the reasons why everyone making a big deal about Palin is way overreacting:
1-McCain is no way going to allow Palin to be a vice president the likes of Gore or Cheney. The traditional role of the VP is to attack the opposing candidate(s). She is doing that. And if she is elected, she can be a full time mom and occasionally attend state funerals-hopefully not McCain's.
2-She revived John McCain's campaign...frankly, that was her most important role. Her wild popularity is her most redeeming quality, much like Mr. Obama himself, who if you'll recall was also widely criticized for his lack of experience and touted mostly for being only a good speaker. McCain would not even be contending right now, were it not for her.
3-Her rise to power is the most good old fahsioned American story ever personified by a politician. I know she has turned it into a cliche phrase, but the hockey mom story turned governor who was willing to challenge the system and her own party is inspiring. So shoot me. I like that part.

They are going to lose anyway. At least Mitt Romney did not have to be the sacrificial lamb to the Obama presidency. So for that reason alone, I am glad she is the nominee. And because her nomination precipitated that hilarious SNL skit, for which I am forever thankful.

Kenna said...

All I can say is snaps for Lauren for posting about politics. If I tried to come up with a comment like Ashley's I would fail.

lauren said...

to sweet ash: yup, that's exactly what i mean. and thanks for your palin perspective. no one else has taken me up on that.

Brad & Britt said...

oh my goodness....all i have to say is boo.