Tuesday, June 10, 2008


last night the gregory and i went to the kanye west concert at the e center. in spite of mr. west's recent "diva" moments, not to mention his questionable behavior in general, we still made the decision to patron his event, solely because his latest album is actually quite spectacular. and because lupe fiasco was also performing. and because i wanted to see if pharell is really that skinny in person. (which, by the way, he IS.)

the evening started off on an... unpleasant note. apparently, tour buses broke down, drama ensued and the doors were not opened until around 7:45, instead of 7:00 (though some people around me claimed doors were to be opened at 6:00 and the concert was supposed to begin at 7:00... which is what i thought. greg knew better though. he's so effing smart.) one of the most comedic moments of the wait happened when a certain dj from u92 warned us all that our cameras would be "confinscated" if we tried to bring them into the concert. and i, for one, was relieved. i was expecting a confiscation. whew.

at any rate, it is safe to say that greg and i were more than irritated after FINALLY getting inside. two hours of seeing girls in minuscule amounts of clothes, of viewing the activities of the horrendously white trash and then getting stuck behind a bunch of drunk girls and getting felt up by an E Center employee on my way into the concert (what can i hide in my gaucho pants? NOTHING. you should've checked my bra. bwah ha ha) were almost enough for me to forget the money spent on the tickets and go home.

how glad we both are that we chose to stay.

i just want you all to know that i officially heart lupe fiasco. he opened the show and subsequently saved my sanity with his soothingly throwback lyrics and boundless energy. his performance reminds me why i still stick with hip-hop through all of the "super manning of the hos" artists. because for every bagillion of those idiots, there is at least one shining gem like lupe fiasco. i bet he kicks it with mos def and talib, he's that great. besides, he was wearing gold high tops... AND a gold jacket. i've decided that i most likely was lupe fiasco in another life, but in woman form. it would explain why i have such a penchant for gold and why i feel inexplicable joy when a great beat emanates throughout my entire being. i honestly couldn't stop smiling.

nerd and rihanna were pretty forgettable... but yay for pharell's personality and for "umbrella"; i like that song so BACK OFF. no yays for women performers wearing leather outfits and bending over. HONESTLY. it's like women's liberation never happened. and put the weave back on, like now.

as for mr. west himself, i have to admit i was pleasantly surprised. that man put on a SHOW. i mean, every single facet of his energy, of his being was put into every song. to a half-capacity crowd. (yeah, i was embarrassed for the state of utah for sure.) the only other time i've seen that, was when i saw radiohead perform. all hail thom yorke. [insert dramatic moment of silence and profuse appreciation for my favorite band here.] he poked fun at himself and his recent outbursts, and had an amazingly elaborate stage set. the show flowed seamlessly from "good morning" all the way to "homecoming" with perfect moments set aside for "diamonds are forever," "jesus walks" and even "gold digger." who knew his eclectic catalog could intertwine so well?

so, even though i still think he's pretty diva-ish, i give a kudos (to be read with the vocal inflection of ellen page's juno) to the man that is kanye west.

author's note: this concert did not end until well after one o'clock this morning, so this post may not entirely (or at all) flow or make sense. all i can say is i tried.

clandestine photos procured by greg's trusty iphone
yup, the back was THAT empty


Ashley said...

Oh Lauren, you gave them far more than they deserved. An "It was F------ awesome" would have been just as appreciated by this genre's fans as your eloquent observance.

Kenna said...

I'm not bad ass enough to attend such a concert.

lauren said...

oh sweet ash, i should have come to expect such a reply. i just can't wait to see what your husband comes up with. my musical selection (at least in this instance) will unequivocally be damned. but let's just say that it's a lot more effective than dmb in certain instances. :)

Allison & Noah Riley said...

This could quite possibly be one of my favorite concert reviews ever. Ever.