Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Shady people bother me

I'm probably not in the minority when I make such a claim. I doubt that any person likes being deceived or manipulated, however large or small the degree. It's pretty disconcerting how many people in this world exhibit shady tendencies, and how many of said people do not see themselves as doing anything wrong. Granted, no one is perfect, but in my mind, the very term "shady" is indicative of a constant and oft times conscious behavior.

Perhaps an example or two should be made to further substantiate my point. Say you have a coworker who consistently shows up an hour late, consistently takes a two hour lunch and consistently leaves early, all whilst managing to log in a full eight hours a day. Sure, in this business it's difficult to allocate every single minute to a client, but COME ON! I wish I could work a five hour day and get away with it. And not only get away with it, but get praised for the "great work" I do. I swear, if all the office shadiness (not only in my office, but in the corporate world) could desist, I would be so happy. I think peace on Earth would be a viable option after that. Think about it.

Another form of shadiness that I would so love to see eradicated is the interpersonal kind. Blessedly, I have the most incredible inner-circle of people who are thoroughly supportive and honest; recently however, I have distantly observed some of this type of shiftiness. (Not to mention my experience with dating life down at BYU, but that's material for MULTIPLE postings.) All I have to say to these people is this: seriously? The people who engage in this form of the shady are just kidding themselves. Hello, we're not stupid. Usually any type of educated person can tell if their significant other is messing around, if their best friend is not being entirely forthcoming or if said best friend is sneaking around with a less than desirable person, be it platonic or not. If you know someone well enough, it oft times can become innate. Especially as the behavior worsens, and others observe the same behavior.

So yeah, sorry this was another venting entry of sorts, but I seriously get dumbfounded when I think about how many dubious people are out there. That being said, there are also an incredible amount of people who restore my faith in mankind and inspire me to strive to be a little bit better each day. And I think that taking all of the shady people out with a tranquilizing blow dart gun isn't a bad idea either. But maybe that's just me.

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Josh & Kenna said...

There is a special place in Hell for shady people. Remember when we wanted to blow dart my jack ass of a 'boss' when I worked at my last job? How she some how worked 80 hours a week but in my 40 hours there I only saw her for 11 of them?

Oh, and you KNOW I support blow darting. What if we put all the names on paper that we have talked about blow darting? Wow, long list. Our very own black list. Damn, no poisonous darts on ebay. Oh well, I guess I don't really want to blow dart all the peeps at the hospital. I'm over that now.