Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Another transient bites the dust...

I had the privilege of calling the cops again today because we had a little "guest" who was passed out on our front steps. It's a familiar scene, really, slightly subdued by the winter weather... picking back on up as April tries to emulate Spring-like qualities.

And today, I did not have to deal with the four drunk and slightly menacing Native Americans, nor the Hispanic couple that were drunkenly making out (among other grosser things that I do not wish to discuss) or that creepy old guy that was in the paper for being arrested hundreds of times; no, it was just a good old-fashioned drunken pass-out.

I usually just get cheesed off enough to go out and tell people we will call the cops if they continue to loiter (unless I feel my personal safety is at risk) and am reticent to involve the po po. However, sometimes it's warranted. When one of my co-workers went out and tried to wake him up and was unsuccessful, I decided it might be prudent to elicit the help of the 5-0. I mean, who knows if he was even breathing ya know?

Luckily the guy wasn't dead, just way drunk. Kinda anticlimactic, but what can ya do? It'd be bad for business if we had a dead transient in our entryway anyway.

I reiterate my opinion that the shelter should be moved. Still preferably to Siberia, but I'd take the Salt Flats. Or Scipio.


Josh & Kenna said...

Sigh, the excitement. No transients down here in happy valley. Well, there is one. He walks up and down University Ave. every day. He's my friend. Maybe you should try being friends with them. They could hook you up ya know...wait... No no no.

Dumbest comment ever. Blame the drugs.

Julie Nelson said...

Well that's normal. Geez woman where do you work?