Monday, March 17, 2008

Why I'm sick of all of the allegedly empowering female tv shows

Sex and the City. Cashmere Mafia. Lipstick Jungle. All shows that are supposedly promoting strong, successful women who are perfectly happy to live by themselves and become professionally viable, so long as they have their "girls" to turn to. There's a lot of things I find problematic with the aforementioned formula, the least of which is the "all I need is my girls" mentality.

On the surface, it could be argued that these programs demonstrate the quest to equalize men and women in the workplace and in other realms of life-- that women can do ALL things just as well as men do, that women can be just as sexual (I would contend promiscuous) as men without the stigma of being a slut, that women can also juggle motherhood and a dazzling career with grace, class (and the help of a nanny) with surprising ease. And the list goes on.

Since when did motherhood become such a chore? Such a subject of derision? I am tired of TV perpetuating the idea that you can work 80 hours a week and be a good mother. You CAN'T. There is no way possible in this world that you can simultaneously do both well. It's like anything else. Either you're great at one thing and terrible at another, or you do both with mediocrity. That's life people. Personally, I'd rather sacrifice some professional kudos in order to be a better mother, rather than have a nanny or day care raise my children. Why don't women find motherhood empowering? How is it that shaping the new minds of the next generation is not satisfying? Oh yeah, you don't get to buy the Manolos or be utterly selfish. Darn.

Along with the "motherhood be damned" notion that is interspersed in these dramadies, the perpetuation of gratuitous promiscuity is paramount. I'm sorry, when did having sex with lots of guys in lots of kinky ways become a positive? I know that gender stereotypes have always labeled this behavior as "skanky" for women and "expected" of men, but the bottom line is it's just trashy. On both sides. Have a little self respect. Honestly. What's enthralling about enabling the objectification of yourself? I mean do what you want, but don't kid yourself when you're doing it.

Though these women love the sex, they seem to not love the commitment all the time. They undercut their fiances to get a promotion and wonder why he has a problem with that (um... just a hint, it's probably not because he's threatened by your success), they sleep with married men (because they're soul mates... for reals) and at the end of the day, they would rather gather together with their favorite girl friends and get sloshed instead of going home to their husbands, boyfriends or one night stands.

Sure, you can argue that it's just entertainment, but what messages are we sending to the world?


Josh & Kenna said...

What messages are we sending? This is the point I was making with my 'Pre-Teen Mothers' post as well. Frustrates me to no end, I'm glad you voiced it. Hell, get me one of these so-called 'mothers' on the phone, I'll take their kid off their hands permanently for FREE! Seriously...when some people would give up all they had for the chance to be parents these morons are out taking advantage of it. Pathetic. Just pathetic.

Ashley said...

A-freaking-men. And unfortunately, I don't think it is a novel message; I think it is an accurate reflection of society.

Honestly, I am kind of delighted to be in the minority of women who are smart enough to figure out that if you really want to have children, you better damn well raise them-and sacrificing something you want (career) for something you want more (family) makes you happy-not trying (and ultimately failing) to do both. I love that I am not in the trendy crowd anymore.

Whitney said...

amen sister, amen....