Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Greg!!

Well kids, we're back from the NY as of 9:00 last night, so unfortunately I was unable to write this yesterday, on Greg's actual birthday. Those of you whom are constant visitors to the blog know that I have the propensity to gush about my wonderful husband, but he's just so great, I'm going to have to do it again. After getting this idea from a great friend, I am going to expound 24 of the reasons why I love my Greg, personalized to him. Ti amo un monte, mio amore! Thanks for six great months and more to come!

Just a few reasons why I love you...

1. You are really patient with me.
2. You are amazingly intelligent.
3. You hold my hair back for me when I'm throwing up. [Yup, I got food poisoning on our trip.]
4. You constantly strive to be better and help me to be better in all facets of our lives.
5. You're really, really ridiculously good looking.
6. You honor your Priesthood.
7. You always put others before yourself.
8. You're my best friend.
9. You are supportive of me and the decisions I make.
10. You've got a witty sense of humor.
11. You've got dance moves like I've never seen.
12. You're a hard worker.
13. We can have an intelligent conversation about almost anything.
14. You like to read as much I as do.
15. You are a thoughtful and conscientious person.
16. You look cute in your soccer shorts.
17. The way you get embarrassed when I make comments like the above.
18. You tell me that I'm beautiful and I actually believe you!
19. You care about our family.
20. You are great at the guitar.
21. The way you sing the hymns at church.
22. The example you are to my little brothers.
23. You're a great cook.
24. You're mine forever. :D


Josh & Kenna said...

Well Happy Birthday to Greg! Amazing how our two amazing husbands have their bdays in March. Hmmm...

Eliza said...

Sweet post, tell Greg happy birthday from me!

Whitney said...

oh how cute are you two! very handsome together! happy birthday greg, even though you barely know me! If you want to talk to my husband about your wife getting food poisoning on the birthday, he knows all about it....

Ashley said...

Happy happy birthday Greg! Sorry about the nyc food disaster.

Clayton & Amber said...

Laur- I'm glad you guys had fun in NY. Sad about the food poisoning...but what a sweet post. You and Greg make one great couple! Happy Bday Greg.