Monday, February 18, 2008

Why I would suck at being a military wife

Hey all... many of you know that my dear husband Gregory is in Portugal for a week for business. Which is so, so great, because he gets to meet all of the European partners that he works closely with here and whatnot. Portugal's not a bad location to meet either. But, I'll admit it, I miss his like CRAZY!! I have seriously been such a baby these past few days, I'm surprising even me. (Which I would like to credit to, yet again, this sense of "chickness" I have recently acquired. I hope it goes away soon.)

Anyway, the thing that's driving me nuts is that I can't really get a hold of him. He has a calling card to call me, but I have no way of contacting him. So today, I'm at lunch with my mom and hear my cell phone, and just barely miss Greg's call. Which bummed me out. So for the next few hours I seriously was holding onto my phone and checking it every two point five seconds to see if he was calling again. And, by some cruel joke brought about by T-Mobile's patchy service, as I am literally holding my phone in my hand and receive the prompt that I have a new voice mail. He had called me AGAIN, but my phone hadn't even vibrated or anything. Needless to say, I was frustrated.

Maybe it's because it's the first time we've been apart since we've gotten married, or the fact that he's so far away that I miss his so much. But a lot of it has to do with the fact that he's my best friend whom I am used to coming home to and chatting about my day and hearing about his day. That's why I would be a terrible military wife... I couldn't handle not seeing my husband for a year or more, not being able to talk to him whenever I wanted. So a shout out to those of you who go through that, my grandma being one of them. I only have until Saturday, so it's not so bad. But I think the next time my honey goes out of town to somewhere that cool, I'll have to tag along.


CHUNTZ said...

Lauren you crack me up!

Josh & Kenna said...

I am crying. I completely understand. Please come see me so I can have a hug.

Ashley said...

That sucks. I am sorry. You start to realize how full of crap all of those feminazis are huh? Ironically, I am pretty sure the biggest thing that Feminism has accomplished is repression of natural emotions. That would really piss some of the head honchinistas off huh. Have fun roughing it alone.