Thursday, February 21, 2008


So this is what I have been cogitating over today: do people, as a whole, always think they are the exception to every rule? Let me explicate a bit by presenting an example. At my place of employment there are five conference rooms. Two of these are highly prized above the others and have the tendency to engender conflicts between co-workers. People will dart into a conference room if it is empty at that moment, even though a scheduled meeting may be about to start. Consequently, I have sent out email after email instructing my fellow workers to please comply with the process that has been set in place; but no one listens... EVER. I sent such an email out today and not two hours later some people were having a pizza party in a conference room set apart for a client meeting. Talk about poor form. Truly, though, what can ya do? Shrug.

Though this is a specific instance, I swear I see glimpses of this mentality on a daily basis. It's like the people who think they can text and drive and eat and put on their mascara at the same time. Or the people who start smoking even though they're pretty much guaranteed a premature demise. It's the people who think that once won't hurt them and that they are above being effected or affected by anything and everything. Aren't most people like that in some regard, at some point in their lives? It's such a convoluted and complicated issue. I think I just feel bad for society in general because it seems like it's going downhill. Let's be honest, it IS going downhill.

I'm not saying I'm not guilty of it in some degree (hey, nobody's perfect), but am I the only one who feels like they're in the twilight zone in this regard?