Friday, December 21, 2007

So This is Christmas

I'm glad it's snowed the last few days. Not because I love a fifty minute commute or because I like being cold (please note the sarcasm), but because I love white Christmases. It firmly cements the feeling of Christmas in my mind for some reason. I would have an issue with it being 90 degrees and balmy outside. I'm probably not alone on that one.

Anyway, this Christmas season has been crazy, yet enjoyable. It's my first with Greg, and so it's been fun to try to divide ourselves into five and fulfill all our families' Christmas traditions as well as trying to establish our own. We went to Festival of Trees this year with a bunch of friends. We've had some great Christmas parties, with more to come. We bought and decorated an amazing tree (I will insert all pics later; they're not on my compy yet), which I think is pretty great for my first attempt. We have darling stockings that my mother miraculously unearthed at Target last Tuesday. And we have each other... which is best of all methinks.

So amid all the commercialization and all the hype, let's all remember why we're really celebrating this holiday. (And no, it's not because the pagans wanted to celebrate the winter solstice). Let's look beyond the presents and the other superfluities and remember that our Lord and Savior began His miraculous life as a defenseless and humble child. Let's focus on how we can better reflect His spirit and actions in our lives. And I know that I need to get off my "don't play Christmas music until after Thanksgiving" soapbox and reflect on my life and how I can improve it.


Josh & Kenna said...

Good call. I think everyone needs that reminder.

Paco Belle said...

Agree 100%. Have a Merry Christmas!